George Floyd’s Sister Says Brother Was ‘Best Friend,’ Recalls Favorite Song They’d Sing Together

The last time LaTonya Floyd spoke to her younger brother George Floyd, they sang REO Speedwagon’s “Keep on Loving You” to each other.

LaTonya misses her brother’s smile and his laughter. She misses singing, dancing and playing basketball together.

“He called me Chief,” she says. “That was my best friend.”

George always said he was going to change the world, says LaTonya’s wife, 40-year-old Jewelz Floyd.

“They say he was the chosen one — and I believe that,” Jewelz tells PEOPLE. “He always used to say to me, ‘Jewelz, I’m going to make my family rich, and I’m going to be known all over the world someday.'”

His death ignited a worldwide movement, LaTonya says.

“The Bible said one man was going to change the world,” LaTonya says. “So many people’s lives have been changed.”

LaTonya, 52, lives in Houston’s Third Ward. She still hasn’t watched the video of her brother’s death.

LaTonya’s sister, Bridgett Floyd, along with Jacari Harris, Executive Director of The George Floyd Memorial Foundation.)

“I can’t watch my brother being murdered,” she says. “I could never watch that.”

She hopes to attend the upcoming trial for police officer Derek Chauvin, who is charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter and has pleaded not guilty. Chauvin’s trial starts on Monday.

“I want justice,” she says. “I want this man incarcerated for as long as we possibly can. I want him to get the max — because whatever happens to him, he’s still gonna breathe. He’s still gonna be breathing. But my brother can’t.”

She worries that seating an impartial jury will be impossible.

“I don’t think that they can pick 12 people that have not seen my brother get murdered by this man on TV,” she says. “This is a worldwide thing. This is one of the biggest movements in the world.”

If she could talk to her brother one more time, she would tell him, “I miss you so much. If I could trade places with you, I would,” LaTonya says. “I’m having a hard time breathing without you.”

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