Lizzo Makes a Vegan Version of the Viral TikTok Pasta: ‘I Finally Did It’

Lizzo is sharing her version of the viral TikTok pasta — and it looks “Good as Hell.”

The popular baked feta pasta has taken TikTok by storm for the past few weeks, and on Tuesday, the Grammy-winning artist jumped on board to try it out herself.

The singer, who has been on a vegan diet for nearly 10 months, put her own twist on the dish, using vegan goat cheese as the creamy base instead of feta, and a high-protein pasta made from chickpeas.

“I finally did it y’all, I made the pasta,” the singer, 32, began a TikTok of her cooking the dish.

To start, Lizzo lined the bottom of a baking dish with cherry tomatoes and added garlic. She then added “really tasty” Spero vegan goat cheese to the center of the dish, topped with “hella basil” and a drizzle of grapeseed oil.

Before popping it in the oven, the “Truth Hurts” singer seasoned the dish with chili flakes and honey “because [she] saw people do that on the app.”

While waiting for the tomatoes and cheese to bake, Lizzo began to boil a box of Banza chickpea penne, a pasta alternative that is high in protein and fiber.

As she pulled the dish out of the oven, Lizzo said it was “looking cute” but was concerned that the tomatoes wouldn’t blend together.

“Bitch they did,” she assured viewers. “And it was good.”

“You add the pasta with the other stuff…and that’s how my baby looks y’all,” she said, presenting her finished plate to the camera.


To make the traditional baked feta pasta recipe, simply cover cherry tomatoes with olive oil in a baking dish, season with salt and pepper, then add an entire block of feta cheese in the center and bake until the tomatoes burst and the feta melts. Add garlic, basil and red pepper flakes, and toss with your favorite pasta.

The origin of the recipe has been difficult to track down as countless variations have popped up, but the first version appears to have been created by Finnish food blogger Jenni Häyrinen in 2019.Lizzo, who frequently shares her plant-based recipes on TikTok, captioned the video, “I FINALLY made *the* 💫pasta💫”

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